Spa and Wellness


Our Spa emphasizes natural elements, including herbs, ingenious flowers and calming phrases scattered around the spa.

The Spa features personal showers and changing areas, as well as signature massage beds, and offers specialized body, face and hair treatment.





 Morocco Bath:

Based on an ancient practice, the Moroccan bath is traditionally known for its complete cleansing ritual.  Other than its relaxing effect, the Moroccan bath is a proven skin rejuvenator, making it healthier while improving blood circulation and relieving muscle spasms.

This personalized treatment is both refreshing and detoxifying, with generous use of the black Moroccan soap quickly penetrating deep into the skin, detoxifying and removing dead skin layers. 

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Benefits of Massage: promotes relaxation, restfulness, sleep and deep breathing; it relieves stress, tension, anxiety, spasm and cramping.

Enjoy a professional massage at our hotel and relax or have all the stress and tension eased away with a specialized wonderful massage.

Steam Bath:

steam bath is a pleasant sweating bath with a sauna-like effect, but completely different climate - not so hot and more humid. Due to its well-documented positive health effects, steam baths have become the guest’s main attractions in spa areas. Our steam bath lubricates the lungs and stimulates the circulation. Muscle tensions relax, skin becomes silky and smooth.

Sauna Bath:

Take a dry heat bath in our sauna by heat of temperatures and humidity. Your immune system will be fortified, your body cleaned and purged and blood flow accelerated. Above all, though, it provides beneficial relaxation. Pleasant temperatures and high humidity have stimulating effects to your skin and respiratory tracts, stimulates the circulation and metabolism and relaxes the musculature.

Fitness Center Include:

  • Stair Climbers
  • Treadmills
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Elliptical Trainers
  • Free Weights (5 to 50 lb. hand weights)
  • Universal Gym